About us

Kevin ALLDRED, President

Senior executive with a forty year track record in nuclear energy and nuclear non-proliferation, integrating international business development and project management. Advised and trained both governmental and commercial organisations, and as SVP Business Development, helped Centrus Energy Corporation to re-position and re-build following its reorganization. As Project Manager for the IAEA’s high-profile IAEA LEU Bank project in Kazakhstan he forged a project team and overcame significant technical and regulatory challenges, negotiated treaty-level agreements with the host state and transit states. Mr Alldred has advised the US Department of Energy, and was a member of the US-Russian Joint Cost Working Group on plutonium disposition.

Mr. Alldred lives in Austria with his wife and two children.

International Nuclear Enterprise Group, LLC was founded in the USA in 2003 to provide business advisory services in the nuclear industry, building on the experience of the principal, Kevin Alldred, and accessing an global network of more than 20 senior experts.


In 2020, the business relocated its headquarters Austria as INEG eU, in proximity to the International Atomic Energy Agency, and continues to provide the same level of international services as before.

References and clients

  • U.S. Department of Energy

  • International Atomic Energy Agency, Austria

  • Nuclear Threat Initiative, USA

  • Technsabexport, Russia 

  • Rosatom, Russia

  • PESCO, Japan

  • SAIC, US

  • Creative Engineers, Inc. USA

  • Westinghouse Corp, USA

  • General Electric Corp, USA

  • NUKEM Inc, USA

  • Sojitz, Japan