Customised Market Research

INEG investigates the market size, structure and pricng to support our clients' projects.  This research can be tailored to a single business opportunity, such as re-sale of specialist manufacturing plant, equipment or materials, or an overview of a major market sector.

There are many market insights and forecasts available, but most are based on the "the weather will the same tomorrow as yesterday" principle and do not identifty potential disruptions, changes to the pricing trend or other issues that that are vital to profitability.  INEG will flag issues for attention that might indicate a market shift using its recognized expertise in the nuclear fuel cycle, transportation and and reactor technology areas, and strategic links with the government, commercial, and regulatory areas.

Past projects include:


  • Opportunities within the international sodium metal market

  • Assessment of long term uranium market prices

  • Assessment of the opportunities for recycled uranium exploitation

  • US Market for selected stable radioisotopes in the nuclear, semiconductor and medical fields

  • Assessment of requirements and opportunities in international transport.

  • Evaluation of the requirements and opportunities for uranium enrichment

  • Assessment of the competitive and supply basis for advanced nuclear fuel cladding

  • Assessment of options for nuclear fuel disposition or reprocessing

  • Assessment of opportunities in low and medium level radioactive waste management

  • Economic modelling of recycled material storage and disposition

  • Assessment of options for commercial re-use of downblended HEU

  • Economic assessment of the use of advanced reactors for plutonium diposition